Thursday, February 25, 2010

Notes from My Interior Design Experience

Notes: I give these to you word for word from my notes. Only the bits in brackets are my own additions for clarification.

Sitting Room, Drawing Room
-room for conjures
-luxury, elegance, and extreme comfort
-window treatment designed accordingly
-fullness= excess fabric
-rule to remember- Length is elegance.
-floor length curtains
-most lavish valences/perlments {not sure if this is the right word}, which are covers above curtains.
-keep bows out
-pleated frills rather than gathered (gathered are better suited for bedroom)
Study or Office
-Window treatment for man’s study/ office
-should preserve room’s masculine character; therefore…
-avoid too many curves and frills
-go for very organized, tailored pleats
-curtain in lovely , bold color
-art as a finishing touch
-In a man or woman study, room should be easy to work in; therefore…
-let a lot of light in
-go easy on the depth of curtains
Dining Room
-Room in which you entertain guests for hours
-So, it is fun.
-You should perhaps have something other than what you have in other rooms.
-Because room will usually be occupied after dark, use warm colors to enhance both curtains and perlments/ valances like the dining room with up lighters placed on the floor. {I don’t know what this sentence means.}
-Uplighters: other sources of light, like candles, picture lights, and wall scones {No, ‘scones’ is not a typo. I’m not sure if they are the same as sconces or not, but she actually wrote this word on the board and it was spelled just so.)
-If you have a farmhouse type kitchen, which exposes walls, brick work, you have a very smart kitchen which is very high-tech.
And that’s when I realized I was in the wrong class and had to go to my voice lesson! I’m stuck with such suspence!


  1. Hmmm... What should we put in the Dining room that is different than the other rooms? Maybe a table?