Thursday, January 21, 2010

Too Soon to Miss Sub-Par Burgers

14 January 2010
Today we went to one of the halls to eat breakfast and I got delicious chocolate crepes and orange juice that tasted and felt like drinking an actual orange. Mmm…
After that, we went into Accra again and I was overwhelmed by how constantly aware I needed to be in the market. I realize this is true of any city, but the markets here are so crowded and unfamiliar that the stress mounts quickly. I do enjoy the city, but think I need to take it in small doses. We learned how to take public transportation like the tro-tros and cabs and I bargained, or dropped, as they say here, for flip flops and a soap dish. Everywhere, I heard shouts of “Oburoni!” It’s delightful, and I wish people could be so comfortable with such terms in the U.S.
For lunch, our leaders took us to Frankie's, a restaurant with American styled food. It was very thoughtful of them to show us a place to find familiar food, but it ended up being pricey and sub-par overall. I paid about $10 for a so-so burger. That’s compared to the heaping plate of Jollof rice and chicken you can get for about $1 and some change.
I more than made up for this disappointment after my quest for Chilly Yoghurt, which is advertised all over the place. So delicious and cool, and a rare source of dairy here.
Tonight I went with Kelly, John, and Nick to the Bush Cantina, a market with some late night shops, bars, and restaurants. At least for now, before classes start, it was fairly empty, but in any case, it’s a nice place to hang out with people.

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