Thursday, January 21, 2010

Veggies, Bimbettes, and Tattoos

21 January 2010
I had a dream about vegetables last night. I love the food here, but long for my beloved produce. In the dream, I was offered any type of food I wanted. At first I thought of some fancy stuff, but then I thought, “Wait! I could get VEGETABLES!” And they were great.
Elsa came back from class and told me that she was going to a rehearsal for a production of Beauty and the Beast she heard about today. I said that sounded totally cool and she asked if I wanted to come. I said that sounded even more totally cool! So Kelly and Emily joined us and we walked on over. The theatre kids are great! Everywhere I go, this seems to be the case. Elsa and I were cast as "Bimbettes" 1 and 2. You know those girls in the Disney movie with the colored dresses who fawn over Gaston? That's us. Obviously, we're psyched.
Mercy had us over for dinner tonight and GUESS WHAT?! We had vegetables! My dreams told the beautiful future! We also had more groundnut soup. More like groundnut super. Dinner was amazing.
Then Mercy and Kwame told us scary malaria stories and gave us information about healthiness and such, which was slightly less appealing. But I learned one thing that I'm all broken up over-- don't get a tattoo in Ghana!

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