Thursday, January 21, 2010

Behold the Power of... Power!

19 January 2010
We got power back today! And then it went away about an hour later…
We went to our second Twi class at 5:30, and the room got progressively darker since we had no light. (Twi is held in our hostel because it is just the SUNY program students.) Between the darkness and the heat from no fans, and the poor sleep because of the lack of fans, it was getting difficult to stay awake! Mercifully, halfway through class, the lights flickered back on! We heard mad cheering from the residents outside, and we could resist joining in just a little. I’m sure I was not alone in taking a moment to decide whether I would first shave or listen to some music under the fan. Or something along those lines. Because we’ve learned that sometimes these chances are fleeting and we don’t know when we’ll lose/ get power again!
In class today, we learned that the Twi word for Christmas is buronya, from ‘oburoni’, meaning ‘whiteman’ and ‘nya’, meaning ‘to get’. Basically, it translates as “Oburoni has got something to celebrate.” Our professor said that Ghanaians don’t care about Christmas much themselves, but rather are happy that the oburoni are having a good time… I’m not sure I’ve grasped the logic on this one, but find it interesting anyway.
Every Tuesday is two for one pizza day the fill-up station across the street from campus, so a ton of us went to take advantage like good college students are wont to do. While we were there, my friend Nana handed me a flash drive and said he had put some of his music on it. When I got it home I saw it was a ton of awesome Ghanaian music just as I had hoped! I’m so excited!
Still have power and water!

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