Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living the Sophisticated Life

17 January 2010
Went to Church today in Ghana! I didn’t make it to the Catholic mass this week because I messed up scheduling, but once I get more familiar with the campus it should be much easier to arrange. This week, most of us went to the Interdenominational Church with our coordinator, Mercy. They sing so much! They were very welcoming and had all those new to the church stay after for refreshments to talk about their experience at the service. I look forward to reporting the details of Ghanaian Catholic mass next week!
In the evening, Mercy said she and her husband Kwame would give us a bus tour around Accra and Madina and nearby areas and afterward take us to a nice restaurant. We were glad for the chance to get our bearings a little better in the school owned van rather than transferring from tro-tro to tro-tro, muddling directional clarity. As we were driving, we spotted a wedding party. We joked with Kwame about pulling over so we could crash it and experience a Ghanaian party first hand. He laughed and kept driving, but soon after, we were parked outside another party and he told us to get out.
Evidently, Kwame’s brother was celebrating his 70th birthday. We were welcomed to the party and enjoyed drinks and amazing cake and music we couldn’t help but dance to. About that music… Kwame’s brother is a retired Accra police chief, so naturally, the band that played was entirely made up of police officers. We saw “the police” play for a party! No one else in the group seemed to fully appreciate that bit as much as I did, but maybe some of you will.
After the party, we still went to our fancy dinner at a hotel. And boy did we feel swankified. The place had air conditioning, waiters, and, get this—flushing toilets! A beautiful bonus, as we still have no power back at the hostel. The food was great too.
Still no power. I am disgustingly in need of a shower. Also, this would be an awful time to get cholera…

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    I just wanted you to know that I did, in fact, appreciate that. :)