Thursday, January 21, 2010

So delayed but here I am!

So... I’m on my way to Ghana! Right now I’m in London’s Heathrow Airport, but I’ve been writing this on the train to Newark Airport. Which brings me to my first mini-adventure—my first flight was cancelled! So, Continental found me a train and I said goodbye to my wonderful family. Alright, short adventure. I did warn you it was mini.
To those of you who have asked me some variation of "Are you nervous?” I can only say that I feel a sort of a prolonged form of the anxious that I feel before a recital. I know I will enjoy myself whatever happens, but can't get the nagging "Gah, I'm going to forget something!" feeling out of my head. But mostly, I'm super excited because I've been working up to this for a long time and it's an opportunity to learn and share so much.
I will be studying music at the University of Ghana, just 8 miles from Accra, the nation's bustling capital. (There's a helpful picture tagging along with this post.) The University has on-campus housing and a residential hall just for international students. Being international in Ghana and all, that's where I'll be staying! I expect that to be bundles of fun because it will give me the opportunity to not only meet new Ghanaian people, but also people from ALL OVER the world!
Here's the part where you get mad jealous. Conveniently located just north of the equator, Ghana's temperature tends to stay around 75-95 degrees. Call me crazy, but I‘ve left my coat in Maryland.
I'd love to give you a list of the best ways to contact me when abroad, but at the moment I'm unsure of what those ways might be myself. Phones are pretty much out I think. You can still write to my Goucher e-mail, ( but I won't have internet in my room, so I don't know yet how often I'll be able to check it/ respond. The same follows for all internet communication. I do have a mailing address! Here it is:
Emily Davies
International Student Hostel
University of Ghana
Legon, Accra, Ghana
I’d love to get mail, and if you give me your address, I’ll gladly send a postcard or two your way!

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