Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time to be a Little Fish

12 January 2010
We found out today that the showers are working and that there had been a temporary problem with the system! Yay hygiene!
Apparently we need pictures for every department in which we are taking classes. “Peculiar Photography and Filming” on campus gladly helped us out here. Yes, that’s what it was called. After that, we broke off into groups of one or two and matched up with and orientation leader for a three-hour tour (no, we didn’t get stranded on an island) around campus. Henry was Shaylyn’s and my guide. I wasn’t sure how many people attended University of Ghana, but I had not been expecting 40,000. Whoa.
While on the tour, we saw a couple girls were walking with their mother. They saw us ran over to touch Shaylyn on the arm and ran away giggling bashfully. Though there are a number of white students on campus, many Ghanains rarely see ‘oburoni’ (the Twi word for white people). They’re curious about us.
We had a roommate switcharoo today. My new roomie is Elsa and she’s fantastic.

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